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About KUBiC

Welcome to KUBiC: Connecting Biotech Students at Kathmandu University! We’re a dynamic non-governmental organization dedicated to fostering academic growth and strong student relationships. Join us for exciting events, conferences, training sessions, engaging publications, and thrilling annual games. Explore the world of biotechnology with us!

Empowering Biotechnology Students

Empowering biotechnology students through academic promotion, relationship-building, and information sharing.

Collaboration and Networking

Experience idea exchange, forge meaningful connections, and explore collaborative opportunities on a national and international scale.

Support and Resources

Comprehensive support and resources to students, from career guidance and networking opportunities to access to industry experts.

Voice of Alumni

Giving Voice to Alumni Success: Inspiring Stories, Empowering Journeys

KU made me a human who is better able to comprehend the situation and face it or deal with the problem rather than run away from the problem.

Suresh Poudel | KUBiC

Suresh Poudel
Batch 2003

From fun chiya guffs to cold nights working for experiments, from making new friends to finding the love of my life, from early morning Sandaar ko paratha to building myself as a scientist, this place has given me everything.

Garima Baral | KUBiC

Garima Baral
Batch 2013

Studying at Kathmandu University is all about enjoying your freedom, whilst fulfilling your responsibilities. Once you realize that, there is no stopping you. Cheerio.

Sandesh Acharya | KUBiC

Sandesh Acharya
Batch 2014