Biotechnology is one of the emerging fields in the present world. It is a complex field built on the shoulders of resilient giants. The discipline requires patience and perseverance along with skills and intelligence. The biotechnology department club, Kathmandu University Biotechnology Creatives (KUBiC) is a club dedicated to further uplift this potential.

As a life-science family, our objective is to host various interactive sessions, events and other extracurricular activities such as seminars, webinars, and mainly the Biotech Meet to bring out creativity, innovation and develop interpersonal communication skills of students. The club also focuses on interaction between seniors, juniors and teachers all around by conducting a wide variety of productive and fun programs. Notices, updates about events and other information about KUBiC and the department can be accessed through the KUBiC official website and other social media outlets.

I would love to encourage curious and eager minds to join us on this endeavor to harness the knowledge of biological sciences and enrich humanity, providing better quality of life to everyone.

Priyanka Thapa Magar
Kathmandu University Biotechnology Creatives (KUBiC)
Kathmandu University

Priyanka Thapa Magar | KUBiC