Watson Crack
The code fest

Nepal’s first Biohackathon to be organized by
Kathmandu University Biotechnology Creatives (KUBiC)

A gateway, facilitating the convergence of domain experts,
and encouraging collaborative
problem-solving through a computational approach

Watson Crack the Code-Fest is a new, innovative and exciting approach for students in Nepal studying life sciences. This event promotes and provides enhancement in the field of bioinformatics for the upcoming generation of life scientists.

Participants will be given specific unique questions from the mentors which they will have to solve using the tools they have, within a limited time period.


Why Watson Crack the Code Fest

To bring all the aspiring life scientists under a same platform

To establish detail-oriented and critical thinking approach to problem-solving

To expose aspiring life scientists to real-life bioinformatics problems

To obtain a solid solution to the problems existing in the field of bioinformatics

Event Workflow

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Event Info

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Registration Process

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