Good Bye To The Affection-Asim Tamang

You walked out of my life and made me a shadow
You left me in the dark and I sank into emptiness
what do you really think? I can’t live without you?
I’m sorry but I already learned to hold my breath.

You left and It looked like the sky would fall
You left me in the nostalgia of affections
You left and it looked like I had lost all
But wait – I already made my corrections.

You left me and it felt like the sun wouldn’t rise
I felt like a thousand and one nails pierced my mind
I can imagine the apple leave my eyes
But all we had together I already left them behind.

You left me and my heart paused
I felt my hormone running riot
You can’t imagine how much pain it caused
But never will fall in love-even in my thoughts.

Asim Lama | KUBiC
About Author

Asim Tamang

Sometimes when the emotions and the thoughts get in contact I used to try to figure out these feelings on the way of poems.

2020 Batch
Department Of Biotechnology

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  1. I am blessfull to read this poem.
    Let your more and more creativity vibrate to make superimpose straight to your heart’s vibration and ultimately your all the creation could go straight to the reader’s heart.
    Congratulations 🎊 Brother.

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